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When you bring your automobile to Frank’s Automotive for German car repair in Sacramento, we will begin by performing a comprehensive car diagnostic to assess the health and condition of every system. After checking your car thoroughly, your auto service advisor will recommend the services and solutions that best suit your needs, including car repair and car maintenance service. The benefits of our auto diagnostic services include addressing your car’s unique needs to avoid unnecessary costs and prevent wear and tear or damage from affecting the performance and value of your vehicle. After all work is completed, your German automobile will be returned to you clean after a complimentary rain check.

Car Diagnostics Explained

Today’s automobiles incorporate a sophisticated computer diganostic system that record issues, faults, and other problems that occur over time. The auto diagnostic process examines the computer’s logs and live data to determine whether a specific issue was recorded or evaluate the current condition of the car. By reading this log, your auto technician can quickly and decisively find the cause of your trouble and recommend the right service or solution to address it. A modern automobile computer diagnostic system records faults associated with every system, including the engine, transmission, brakes, comfort systems, and more. Rather than performing a time-consuming part-by-part inspection or trying to narrow down the issue based on any signs or symptoms you have noticed, an auto diagnostic saves time and improves accuracy so your auto mechanic can get to work right away. Furthermore, an auto diagnostic may bring to light small issues that you haven’t even noticed yet—by addressing these problems preemptively, your car mechanic can improve the efficiency and reliability of your vehicle to avoid breakdowns in the future. It is imperative that you do not ignore these warnings lights.

Better Service Through Auto Diagnostics

Your car’s onboard computer can do a vehicle inspection in many ways. By evaluating any problem codes that may appear during a smog diagnostic, your mechanic can provide the right German automotive repair service for your vehicle’s needs. You can reach Frank’s Automotive of Sacramento by phone at (916) 452-0917 to schedule auto care, car repair, and German car maintenance.

  • Your car can monitor the cleanliness of its oil to tell you exactly when new product is needed, maximizing the number of miles you get from each oil change.
  • Tire pressure sensors constantly monitor the air pressure in your tires and alert you when pressure is low so it can be addressed for better maneuverability and gas mileage.
  • When brake pad replacement is needed, your car’s computer will register a diagnostic code so your mechanic can recommend this service at the right time.
  • The check engine light diagnostic is a general indicator that auto service is required. While all you’ll see is a light on your dashboard, an auto diagnostic will reveal the exact cause of the alert.

You can rely on us to inspect and diagnose your vehicle in order to determine exactly what is going on.

Once our german auto repair staff have established the cause of the problem, we can establish and incorporate a solution. Our thorough automotive diagnostic inspection may also allow us to find another problem which you had not noticed. To request a quote for tune-ups or more information, call us!

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  • Courtesy Rain Check for Services Completed to be used at the client discretion at a later date up to 30 days
  • 50 Point Courtesy Inspection
  • 2 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty
  • Client Lounge Built For Comfort

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