Frank’s Automotive Repair Warranty

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24 Month Unlimited Mileage

1. Frank’s Automotive LLC guarantees the quality and effectiveness of all repairs, parts, and components performed or installed by its agents on the premises, for a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of the relevant work. Subject to the terms and conditions herein, if any work done by Frank’s Automotive LLC or any part supplied and installed by Frank’s Automotive LLC shall fail within that period, Frank’s Automotive LLC shall correct the failure without further charge to the customer.

2. The remedies described in this warranty agreement are exclusive and the liability of Frank’s Automotive LLC shall be limited to the replacement and repair described herein. Frank’s Automotive LLC shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from such failure, including, but not limited to, rental costs.

3. This Warranty is personal to the current owner of the covered vehicle, will end when the current owner no longer owns the vehicle and is not transferable to any new owner or otherwise.

4. This Warranty is conditional upon the covered repairs, parts, or components being presented to Frank’s Automotive LLC for inspection within six months of the date of the relevant work and every six months thereafter. Customer shall, at Customer’s expense, present the vehicle to Frank’s Automotive LLC for inspection upon becoming aware of any issues or problems with said repairs, parts, or components. Frank’s Automotive LLC will apply a diagnostic fee during such an inspection and shall waive said fee should the repairs be covered by this Warranty.

5. This Warranty is conditional upon the covered vehicle being given such maintenance as is specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer. This Warranty shall not cover failure or damage caused by misuse of the vehicle including, but not limited to, use of the vehicle in competitive events or use of a vehicle in off-highway conditions, unless the vehicle was originally designed and manufactured for off-highway use. This warranty is also invalid as to damage which results from negligence, improper treatment, improper accident damage repairs, corrosion, environmental influences, or treatment contrary to the vehicle’s owner’s manual. This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

6. Nothing in this Warranty Agreement obligates Frank’s Automotive LLC to perform any services, other than the remediation of defects or failures in the parts or workmanship actually performed by Frank’s Automotive LLC. The repair work or other remediation to be performed under this Warranty Agreement shall be performed at Frank’s Automotive LLC. The total amount of the repair covered under the warranty shall not exceed the initial cost of the part and installation paid by the customer.

7. Frank’s Automotive LLC gives no warranty, express or implied, for parts or labor to repair, install, or service used parts, customer-provided parts, or parts of inferior quality, durability, or reliability to those recommended by Frank’s Automotive LLC. Any and all such parts are accepted by the customer “as is,” and with all faults.

We at Frank’s Automotive care about you. We install only the best quality products on your vehicle, provided by suppliers we have selected and trusted. This is how we can offer you Sacramento’s Premier Auto Repair Warranty.

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