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Frank’s Automotive is a mechanic shop that is skilled in multiple makes and models of German vehicles. We have been trained to work on these beautifully designed automobiles that are known for their performance, power and luxury. Our experienced technicians can service a variety of German vehicle makes in Sacramento and will deliver optimal results that will last.

A list of various vehicles our team work with:

  • Audi– Audi holds true to its slogan “Truth in Engineering” that is shown in its outstanding achievements on the road. This upscale brand has been at the forefront of German innovations over the past few years.
  • BMW – One of the three best-selling automakers in the world, BMW is known for their attention to detail and beautiful design. in 2012 Forbes Magazine listed BMW as the #1 reputable company in the world.
  • Mercedes-Benz – Karl Benz was behind the history of this luxury vehicle’s origin as the first petrol-powered car created. In present day, the Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s most popular vehicles. It’s quality and durability is proven in the performance that Mercedes delivers.
  • Mini Cooper – The Mini Copper is a dependable, smaller economy car that has been in production since 1959. With owners like BMW, how could you go wrong with this new generation car?
  • Porsche – Specializing in high-performance sports cars, the name Porsche can be seen on suburban roads and on the racetracks. Since 1939 this vehicle manufacturer has been proving their unique design and capabilities with impeccable performance.
  • Volkswagen – Volkswagen is known to have spent the most money on research and development for their vehicles. With a line of clean diesel automobiles, this manufacturer’s cars are some of the top leaders in fuel efficiency.
  • Volvo – Even though we specialize in German vehicles, we are proud to service this Swedish line of automobiles. This brand of luxury vehicles has been a favorite for decades. Volvo’s optimal SUVs, luxury sedans and sports car’s engine rides and aggressive handling are something to be admired.

Franks Automotive is made up of mechanics and technicians who understand the importance Sacramento german car repairof your vehicle. The German automobiles we perform maintenance on are those of value and prestige. We have the experience and the expertise for your German made automobile. Our business cares about you and your car, so we strive to make sure each and every vehicle leaves here with a satisfied owner.

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