January 1, 1939
Venosa, Italy


May 10, 2022
Sacramento, California

Interred at

Lakeside Memorial Lawn

You guide us through this world
Forever in my heart
And though you aren’t here
We will never be apart
The man of the house
The guy with the tools
With the beautiful spouse
Who never breaks the rules
So every race you race
Every car you build
With every embrace
You leave us all thrilled

Frank Lettini, our Nonno, celebrates his birthday twice a year. Once on January 1st and again on December 28th. Mostly because he loved the cake! In 1959 he moved to Sacramento from his birthplace in Venosa, Italy. In Sacramento, he found the love of his life, Angela who he then married on June 26, 1966. A year later their first son, Nicola (Nick) was born. Then only 357 days later their second son, Raimondo (Ray) arrived. He built a life for them with his. shop. His favorite pastime was gardening, he took so much pride in his yard. Eventually, Nick had his first child. 1 (1Liliana) was born. I was his pride and joy. He would race around the yard with me, and turn a blind eye while I was eating tomatoes out of the bucket. Four years later my brother Luca, who he loved so much was born. Luca loved helping in the garden and roughhousing with Nonno.  Nonno had made an impact on everyone he met. He was truly a loving, giving, brave, and occasionally stubborn man. You will forever be in our hearts and never forgotten.

Written By: Lily and Luca Lettini
Poem Written By: Lily Lettini


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