• Get to Know Frank’s Automotive

    The benefits and conveniences that motor vehicles offer are obvious; however, some people have an extra special relationship with their German cars in Sacramento. If you want nothing but the best for your ride, you won’t just take it to any old repair shop. At Frank’s Automotive, we understand how much your car means to you and are proud to keep it in outstanding condition. Our auto repair shop offers a wide range of services, and we take our work seriously. If you want to make sure your vehicle gets the care and attention it deserves, keep reading to get to know Frank’s Automotive .

    The story of Frank’s Automotive starts in Italy, where Frank Lettini emigrated from in 1959. Ten years later, after working at a Volkswagen dealership in Sacramento, he opened up his own specialty shop specifically geared towards German cars. Frank’s son Nick took a liking to working on cars with his father at a young age, and he became more involved as he grew older; he is now the head of the company and building on the foundation that his father created. As a family business, we understand the ins and outs of quality customer service.

  • Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked

    Car accidents are not to be taken lightly; even a seemingly minor collision can lead to injury or even death. This is why you should communicate with your auto mechanic in Sacramento and have your vehicle regularly inspected to ensure that it is in proper working condition. One of the most important aspects of this regular car maintenance is the inspection of your brakes . Working brakes can save lives, and you don’t want them to fail when you need them the most. Here is a look at a few signs you need your brakes checked.

    Odd Noises

    You don’t have to know much about your car to recognize a strange sound when you hear one. When components of your car malfunction , they will often give some indication that there is a problem. Your brake system will alert you when your brake pads are worn out with a high-pitched squealing sound. Once you notice this sound, you should take your vehicle to your local repair shop as soon as you can. If you hear a grinding sound through the sensor’s squeal, you may have worn your brake pads down completely. This can lead to much more serious issues, like damaged rotors.

    Maneuverability Problems

    If you haven’t had your brakes checked in a while, you might start to notice problems with the maneuverability of your car. When a caliper becomes stuck, one wheel may experience excessive friction and start to pull your car to the right or left. Pulling can also occur due to uneven brake pads or a collapsed brake hose. Pulling is not the only maneuverability problem you might experience when your brakes malfunction; you might also notice that your brake pedal feels off. Whether it engages your brakes too readily or not readily enough, take your car to the shop and have your mechanic take a look.

    Vibrating Pedal

    Antilock brakes help you make emergency stops by quickly and repeatedly engaging the brake system. If your brake pedal vibrates and shudders in such a fashion normally, you may have a warped rotor. Have this issue addressed before it becomes worse.

  • Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

    There are many signs and indicators that you should be aware of so that you can take your car to your auto shop in Sacramento and prevent problems from developing. You can often get some idea of what may be wrong by considering the symptoms. Watch this video for a look at a few symptoms of a transmission problem.

    Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, there are a few indicators that might pop up when the transmission is in trouble. An automatic transmission that makes loud noises when you switch gears could point towards a fluid problem; slipping out of gear may suggest a fluid problem or worn clutch bands. You might also experience grinding and slipping when your manual transmission is low on transmission fluid. Always address these issues sooner rather than later in order to prevent the development of a bigger problem.

  • Essential Maintenance Items on Your Vehicle

    When you want an investment to last for a long time, it is wise to provide the necessary maintenance. Your auto mechanic in Sacramento can help keep your vehicle in top shape, but it is your job to recognize when to bring it into the shop. It also helps to understand the different aspects that must be maintained and keep an eye on them to prevent problems from going unnoticed. Your brakes, tires, and oil are all necessary components that must be maintained on a routine basis for your own safety and that of others on the road. Here is an overview of these essential maintenance items on your vehicle.

    Check Your Brake Pads

    Whether you see a speeding car as you pull out of your driveway or notice an animal in the road at the last second, you will need properly functioning brakes to be able to react. This is why your brake pads are among the most important maintenance items on your vehicle. There are many different factors that influence the working lifespan of your brake pads, from the weight of your car to the way that you drive it . Have your auto mechanic check your brake pads on a regular basis to keep your brakes in shape.

    Inspect Your Tires

    Your tires are unique in that they bridge the gap between your vehicle and the road. As the only parts of the car that make contact with the ground, it is crucial that your tires give you the control you need. Like your brake pads, the lifespan of your tires may vary based on a range of factors. Check the ridges on your tire to see if your tread is running too low.

    Change Your Oil

    Your car depends on an orchestra of moving parts, and your oil keeps these parts lubricated. As time passes, however, the oil will become contaminated due to heat and exhaust gases. You can check your owner’s manual to find out how often you should have the oil in your car changed; failing to change your oil on time can cause parts to wear out quickly.