• Getting to Know Your Ignition System

    As drivers, we may be tempted to take our ignition systems for granted. In this video, you will review the basics of how ignition systems work. Whenever you turn the key in your ignition, a signal is sent to your battery. As the battery is switched on, it will activate your engine, transmission, and other critical vehicle components. If you are experiencing ignition problems, an auto mechanic in Sacramento can repair the issue.

    When you drive a luxurious German auto, you should treat your vehicle with the utmost care. A shop that specializes in German automotive repair services will offer the specialized services and certified parts that are needed to fix your European vehicle.

  • Should You Replace Your Car Battery

    In order to avoid an automotive electrical emergency in your car, you will want to make sure that you replace your car battery before it fails. This video will provide you with essential information about knowing when to replace your car battery. If your battery is more than four or five years old, it should be replaced. Your car electrical service center in Sacramento can help you pick out the right replacement battery for your vehicle.

    Since your battery is an integral part of your automotive electrical system, it needs to be replaced before it fails to operate completely. An older battery may be more prone to car electrical problems during the very hot days of summer, so now may time to visit your auto repair center to schedule a battery change for your vehicle.

  • Recognizing the Signs of an Engine Problem

    Engine problems can spell disaster for your vehicle. If you have invested in a luxurious European vehicle, you will want to protect your car’s finely-tuned internal components with regular & engine repair. If you notice that your check engine light is illuminated, you will know that it is time to schedule immediate engine repairs in Sacramento . Your European auto specialist will be able to figure out what is going wrong with your engine and recommend the correct course of repairs. To help you preserve the safety and performance of your vehicle, here is a look at some common signs of an engine problem. car - engine

    Dashboard Warning Lights Are Illuminated

    Modern cars contain computerized sensors that are designed to detect mechanical issues as soon as they occur. If your car’s computer detects an issue in your engine, it will send a message to your dashboard warning lights. Once your dashboard warning light has illuminated, this is an indication that your engine problem needs immediate attention from a certified mechanic.

    Jerking or Surging Sensations

    When your car’s engine is functioning properly, it will provide your vehicle with smooth acceleration. If you have started to notice that your car jerks or surges when you step on the gas pedal, you may be facing an issue with your engine’s spark plugs or main computer system. After your mechanic has repaired your engine, you should experience a smooth driving performance that is free of jerky, unpleasant, or otherwise unusual sensations.

    Loud and Unusual Noises

    Your engine might start to make alarming sounds when it is in need of attention from a qualified mechanic. An issue in your gas combustion chamber, for example, could cause your engine to backfire and create loud popping noises. Other worrisome sounds include clanks, bangs, or pops coming from underneath your hood. If you take the time to schedule engine repair services as soon as you start to hear strange sounds, you will help to preserve your vehicle’s lifespan on the road.

  • When is the Work Done?

    We get a lot of calls from clients asking if we can “clear codes”, “perform software updates”, “resetting service indicators”, “re-adapt”, or “program components”. They had another shop install parts but they didn’t have the right tools or knowledge to complete the work . So I ask you,“Does it sound like that shop completed the work?“

    That is why it is important to check on who is working on your vehicle, verifying they have the equipment and capabilities to complete the work. Anyone can replace parts but the proper tools and knowledge is needed to complete the work. They may be able to give you a very low quote for replacing parts, but they are only doing half the job. You can go to a restaurant and order a meal but what would you say if they brought you a plate of raw food and told you they didn’t have the tools to cook it? That would be unacceptable. Looking at it that way, do you think it would be acceptable to leave service indicators lit, check engine lights on, or your vehicle not running properly?

    At Frank’s Automotive , when we quote a price, that quote is for installing components and performing the necessary actions to Complete The Job . Also, a very important part of completing the work is standing behind the work we do. That is why we give you a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty. We want you to know that we are here to take care of you.

    So next time you call for a quote ask not only for a price but verify that they can…

    Complete the Work!

  • Caring for Your Car’s Engine

    A dirty engine can cause significant wear and tear on the mechanical components of your vehicle. In this video, you will learn some essential tips for performing engine repair on your vehicle. To protect your engine from wear, you can apply an engine degreasing product at regular intervals. The degreaser will remove any dirt and buildup, allowing your engine’s parts to operate more smoothly. Along with cleaning your engine, you can also extend its lifespan with routine engine repair in Sacramento . car - engine

    If your check engine light is on, do not hesitate to contact a qualified mechanic that services your local area. A mechanic that specializes in repairing and maintaining German cars will be able to provide you with quality services that are tailored to the needs of your luxurious vehicle and its high performance engine.

    Does You Vehicle Burn Oil?

    Are you having to add oil in between oil changes, but there are no visible oil leaks? Your engine could be burning oil. 1 quart every 1000 miles is quite normal & acceptable.

    Problem that arises when your vehicle burns that oil, it leaves behind carbon & sludge. (It is like burning oil in a fry pan. A portion of that oil remains as thick sludge or carbon.) That carbon restricts & plugs up oil passages in your engine & it’s components. It is important to remove as much of that build up as possible. That is why we at Frank’s Automotive recommend our Bluechem Premium Engine Oil Service . Bluechem softens, breaks up, & encapsulates those carbon molecules allowing them to be flushed out with the old oil. This allows the new oil to better lubricate your engines interior components. The benefit from this is it helps to restore performance & efficiency. Read more about Bluechem .

  • Checking Your Fuel Pressure

    In order for your vehicle to continue to run safely and efficiently, it’s essential that the fuel that flows into the engine is properly pressurized. If your fuel pressure is lower than it should be, this will likely result in substandard performance. If you don’t have the pressure adjusted, it can even lead to damage to your engine. In order to avoid the need for engine repair at a Sacramento auto shop, it’s smart for every car owner to take the time to learn how to check fuel pressure—and when to do it.

    What causes low fuel pressure? Low fuel pressure in your vehicle can be due to a number of causes. If you have a clogged filter, a defective or damaged fuel pump, or a malfunctioning regulator, it can result in inadequate fuel pressure. Whatever the cause is, however, it’s essential that you find out about your low fuel pressure right away.

    When should fuel pressure be checked? As a rule, your fuel pressure should be checked every time you have a professional inspection. You should also check your fuel pressure any time that you observe any of the symptoms of a potential problem. Some common warning signs of a fuel pressure issue include unusually high fuel pressure, backfiring, and difficulty driving uphill. If you’re getting poor mileage, that may also be a sign that you have a fuel pressure issue.

    How do you check your fuel pressure? Checking your fuel pressure is a quick and simple task. First, you’ll need to purchase a fuel pressure gauge. Be sure to have your vehicle owner’s manual on hand. Then, find the fuel pump test point on your vehicle and attach the gauge. Then, ask somebody else to start the engine while you look at the gauge. The gauge should come up to the appropriate reading for your vehicle, which you can find in your owner’s manual. If it doesn’t, then your fuel pressure isn’t at the right level.

    fuel - pressure

  • Knowing the Signs of Engine Trouble

    When you’re sick, you go to the doctor; but what about when your car is sick? You would obviously take it to a mechanic, but the problem is knowing when your car needs to be seen in the first place. The longer engine trouble goes undiagnosed, the worse off your car will be and the more you will probably end up spending in the long run on repairs. To save time and money, and to keep your car in the best shape possible, visit an auto repair shop in Sacramento if you recognize any of these telling signs of engine trouble:

    • Check engine light, oil pressure light, transmission light, and other dashboard warning lights are illuminated
    • You feel a jerking, surging, or stalling sensation while driving
    • Unusual engine noises (popping, grinding, squealing, banging, etc.)
    • Burnt rubber or gasoline smells inside the cabin
    • Blue or white exhaust smoke