• Signs That Your Fuel Pump Is Malfunctioning

    Your fuel pump provides your car’s engine with gasoline as you are driving down the road. If you have started to notice that your car is sputtering, stalling, or having other difficulties as you drive, you may want to have your auto mechanic take a look at your fuel pump. An auto shop that specializes in German auto repair near Sacramento will be able to replace your car’s failing fuel pump with a top quality part. To help you decide if it is time to visit the mechanic, here are some signs that your fuel pump is malfunctioning. fuel - pump

    Sputtering Sensations

    When your fuel pump is starting to go out, you may start to notice some strange, sputtering sensations as you drive. The sputtering may start at random intervals, and may last for a few seconds or longer. A sputtering engine is particularly worrisome when your car is travelling at faster speeds. As your fuel pump has more and more difficulty delivering fuel to your engine, these sputtering sensations may increase in frequency or duration.

    Loss of Power

    Another sign of a fuel pump problem in your car is a sudden loss of power while accelerating or driving. When you step on the gas pedal, your car should accelerate smoothly and safely. A fuel pump issue may cause your vehicle to suddenly decelerate, even with your foot on the gas. You may find that your car loses power when you are driving up an incline or under other extreme driving conditions.

    Sudden Surging

    Along with creating a loss of power in your engine, fuel pump problems can also cause your car to surge suddenly. When your car surges, it may leap forward unexpectedly. A surging vehicle could pose a serious safety threat to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. If you are suspicious of a fuel pump problem, or you have noticed surging and other issues, you will want to book immediate mechanical repairs for your vehicle.

  • Simple Ways to Preserve Your Transmission

    Transmission services are recommended to be performed according to manufacturer’s specifications. As you put miles on your car, you will also be creating wear and tear in your vehicle’s transmission. By bringing your car to a transmission shop in Sacramento , you will be able to make sure that its transmission runs smoothly for every mile that you drive. Along with routine transmission repair, there are several actions that you can take to extend the longevity of your transmission. Read on for an overview of some simple methods for preserving the transmission in your vehicle. transmission - repair

    Check Your Fluid

    Checking your transmission fluid regularly is a simple but effective way to prevent transmission repair problems. You can check your transmission fluid by carefully removing the dipstick while the engine is running. If you find that your transmission fluid is low, or you see signs of a fluid leak, you will need to refill your transmission fluid right away. Driving with low transmission fluid can severely damage your vehicle.

    Avoid Extreme Driving Conditions

    Your transmission will last longer if you drive gently, and under normal conditions. Driving across hilly terrain, accelerating very quickly, or towing heavy cargo can all put extra strain on your car’s transmission. While it may not be possible to avoid all extreme driving conditions, you will want to be aware of how your driving affects your car’s transmission. Being conscientious of the way that your drive your car will help you preserve its transmission.

    Schedule Key Maintenance Services

    Throughout the lifespan of your vehicle, it may require transmission services at important mileage milestones. Neglecting to follow the recommended transmission maintenance intervals for your car could cause your transmission to wear out faster. If your transmission is already having problems like harsh shifting, slipping, or delayed engagement, it could already be too late. To determine when your car needs transmission flushes and other services, you can talk to your mechanic. A trained mechanic will be able to provide you with the tips and information that you need to keep your car in peak driving shape.

  • How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

    When you bring your vehicle in for brake repair, your mechanic may recommend that you replace your brake pads. Since your brake pads absorb the majority of the friction that is created when you hit the brakes, they will need to be replaced at regular intervals. While there is no hard and fast number for the lifespan of a brake pad, you can generally expect your pads to last for around 30,000 to 70,000 miles. A shop that offers brake pad replacement near Sacramento can help you decide when it is time to schedule brake services for your car.

    There are several signs that your brake pads have reached the end of their lifespan. When it is time to replace your brake pads , you may start to hear a loud squealing noise coming from your brakes. This sound is an indication that your brake pads have worn down too far, and are in need of immediate replacement.

    brake - pads

  • Is Your Muffler Broken?

    A cracked or broken muffler is a serious car repair issue. When you watch this video, you will learn some key methods for identifying whether your muffler is broken. If your muffler is broken, you may find that your car makes a lot of noise while you drive. Since your muffler is located on the bottom of your vehicle, you may need to hire an auto mechanic in Sacramento to visually inspect the quality and condition of your muffler.

    In order to repair your broken muffler, it is a great idea to bring your vehicle to a shop that specializes in German automotive repair . Mechanics that are trained in German auto repair methods will be able to correctly identify and fix the muffler in your Mercedes. A German auto shop will also carry parts that are specifically designed for use in your foreign vehicle.