• Spotlight on Bluechem Premium Oil Service

    When you purchase a luxurious European car, it is important to maintain your investment by bringing your vehicle to a top rated German auto repair facility in Sacramento. From a radiator flush to an oil change and more , your German car maintenance professional can provide you with a full range of services.

    One of the car repair procedures that you may want to consider for your German car is the Bluechem premium oil change service. Unlike a conventional oil change, the Bluechem procedure is designed to fully clean, protect, and lubricate the sophisticated components in your engine. During the Bluechem premium oil service, your technician will take the time to fully clean out any gunk and grime that may have built up in your engine. Additionally, the unique Bluechem formula will also help to reduce your exhaust emissions by as much as 96%. If you are concerned about protecting your beautiful new European car, you should be sure to ask your mechanic about the advantages of Bluechem.

  • Warning Symptoms of Brake Problems

    Your car’s brakes are among its most important safety features. Without properly working brakes, you would not be able to properly slow or stop your vehicle. Over time, the different components in your car’s braking system will naturally experience wear and tear. To prevent a car repair emergency, you should be sure to visit a top rated auto mechanic in Sacramento at the first sign that your brakes are going out. By staying on the lookout for the signs of brake problems, you can help prevent serious damage to your vehicle. Read on for a closer look at some of the top warning signs that your car is in need of brake repair.

    Unusual Sounds

    One of the top signs that your brakes need attention from an auto repair professional is when you start to hear unusual sounds as you step on the brake pedal. Your car’s brakes are equipped with brake wear indicators, which are designed to make a distinctive squealing sound when your pads have worn down too far. Ignoring these sounds could result in severe damage to your braking system.

    Reduced Responsiveness

    When your brakes are working properly, you should feel as though your brake pedal is responsive to all of your braking cues. In a malfunctioning braking system, however, it may begin to feel like your brake pedal is losing responsiveness. Your auto mechanic will be able to pinpoint the cause of your sinking brake pedal and restore your brakes to proper condition.

    Grinding or Shaking

    Finally, you will also want to be on the lookout for any grinding or shaking sensations coming from your braking system. In the event that your brake pads or rotors become warped or worn, you may find that your brakes start to feel strange when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. With the help of an auto shop that specializes in brake repair, you can get your car back on the road in no time.

  • Improving Your Engine’s Performance

    When you set up auto repair in Sacramento, you may want to ask your mechanic about the possibility of performing engine enhancements on your vehicle. A shop that specializes in German automotive repair will have the tools and experience needed to provide you with top quality engine repair, and may also be able to install features that will help to boost the speed and power that is offered by your German car’s engine In addition, your auto mechanic may be able to install aftermarket accessories that will enhance your car’s performance ratings. With custom engine tuning from a German car maintenance professional, you will be amazed at the driving dynamics that your car has to offer you. For a closer look at how to improve your engine’s performance, watch this video from Mobil 1.

  • The Importance of Transmission Maintenance

    Whether you drive a car with an automatic or manual transmission, there will eventually come a point in the lifespan of your vehicle when you need to schedule transmission repair. Since your transmission is responsible for delivering power from your engine to your wheels, a transmission repair problem can be a serious issue for your car. Fortunately, with the help of an auto shop offering German transmission repair in Sacramento, you can restore your car’s transmission to peak working condition. Let’s take a look at why transmission maintenance is so important for your vehicle.

    Prevent Overheating

    One of the primary reasons to schedule transmission maintenance at the first sign of an issue is that proper transmission repair can help prevent overheating in your vehicle. Like many other components in your car, your transmission requires fluid in order to remain cooled and lubricated. By maintaining your transmission, you can make sure that your transmission fluid is always at the proper level.

    Avoid Low Transmission Fluid

    To prevent serious problems from occurring in your transmission, it is important to avoid letting your transmission fluid get too low. When your transmission fluid is running low, the many moving components of your transmission could experience extreme wear and strain. During a transmission service, your technician will take the time to check the levels of your transmission fluid. If a fluid leak is detected, this problem can be solved before it becomes a more serious mechanical issue.

    Extend Overall Lifespan

    Finally, one of the most important reasons to schedule regular transmission maintenance is that caring for your transmission can help to extend the overall lifespan of your car. When your vehicle’s transmission wears out, the driving performance of your car could become severely compromised. By taking the time to set up transmission repair at key intervals in the life of your car, you can help keep your luxurious German auto on the road for as long as possible. Your mechanic can provide you with more information about the benefits of routine transmission maintenance.