• How Your Mercedes-Benz Mechanic Will Change Your Headlight Bulb

    Your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with sophisticated components that should always be replaced by a car repair professional. This video from Car and Driver Magazine will show you how your Mercedes service mechanic will change your car’s headlight bulb. After removing the housing, your mechanic will carefully insert the new headlight into place. An auto shop in Sacramento will have the special replacement parts that are needed for use in your luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

    If your headlight or taillight has recently gone out, now is the time to schedule car repair services. Your mechanic can quickly replace your broken bulb and restore your car to safe driving condition in no time.

  • What You Need to Know About Transmission Fluid Leaks

    Transmission fluid is responsible for keeping this part of your car in safe operating condition whenever you hit the road. When you schedule transmission repair in Sacramento , your technicians will look for visible signs that your car’s transmission has sprung a leak. Leaking fluid can cause major damage to your automatic or manual transmission, so it is important to diagnose and repair this issue right away. Here’s a look at what every driver needs to know about car transmission fluid leaks: car - transmission

    Transmission leaks can be difficult to diagnose.

    When you spot a bright red pool of liquid underneath your car, this is a clear indication that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. While you may be able to easily identify the fact that your transmission is leaking, pinpointing the cause of the issue can be much more difficult. The best way to diagnose this type of fluid leak is to bring your car to a dedicated automotive repair shop for servicing.

    Transmission leaks can cause serious problems.

    If your car has recently started to leak transmission fluid, you may be tempted to continue driving it until you have time to book a service appointment. However, leaks can wreak havoc on the performance and safety of your transmission. Waiting to repair your vehicle’s leak can cause your gears to grind together, and may eventually lead to a total transmission fluid failure.

    Transmission leaks can be repaired.

    While leaks are serious, you should not despair if you notice fluid leaking from your car’s transmission system. By bringing your car to a certified mechanic that specializes in transmission work, you will be able to fully address the issue. From repairing leaky seals to fixing gaps in the various parts of your transmission, your mechanic can provide you with the services needed to get your vehicle back up and running like normal. After your leak has been repaired, you may want to set up transmission fluid flushes at routine intervals.

  • Get the Answers to Your Questions About Pre-Purchase Inspections

    If you are shopping for a luxurious German vehicle that is offered at a great price, you may want to think about buying a used car. To make sure that your used vehicle is in good mechanical condition, you should always set up a pre-purchase inspection before you finalize the sale. A German auto mechanic that offers pre-purchase inspections in Sacramento can review the performance and safety of your potential vehicle. Check out these answers to some commonly asked questions about the benefits of pre-purchase inspections. new - car

    Why should I schedule a pre-purchase inspection?

    When you are considering buying a used car, you may be curious as to whether a vehicle check will be worth your time and effort. In fact, having your potential car looked over by a mechanic can save you significant time and money in the long run. If a major mechanical flaw is revealed during the inspection, you will know that it is a much better idea to pass on purchasing the vehicle.

    What happens during a pre-purchase inspection?

    There are several steps involved when your mechanic looks at a used car. Typically, he will start the process by using computer diagnostic equipment to check for any trouble codes that are being sent out by the vehicle’s computer. Next, he will look at the quality and condition of the engine, brakes, transmission, and tires. Once the car passes the multi-point inspection, it will get the seal of approval from your mechanic.

    Who should perform my pre-purchase inspection?

    If you already bring your car to a European auto mechanic, you can book your inspection at your regular automotive facility. For first-time German car buyers, it is important to find a mechanic that specializes in repairing your specific make of vehicle. A European auto repair facility that serves your local area will have the tools and knowledge needed to carefully inspect your vehicle. This will allow you to feel confident in your decision.

  • Is Your Transmission Failing?

    Your car’s transmission transfers power from your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. In this video, you will learn some signs that your car is in need of transmission repair near Sacramento. When you start to notice that your transmission is acting funny, this could indicate that it is failing . If your transmission fluid is starting to smell burnt, this is another indicator that your car is having problems.

    With services from a shop that specializes in transmission repair, you will be able to get your car back on the road in no time. From minor leaks to full rebuilds, your mechanic will have no problem providing you with the services that are required to return your transmission to a fully operational condition.

  • Get to Know Your Suspension

    When you have a problem with your suspension, you can always visit your auto mechanic in Sacramento . However, you should also have some idea of how it works so you can take care of it. Check out this video and get to know your suspension.

    Whenever you drive down a particularly rocky road or cross over a speed bump, you rely on your suspension to keep the ride comfortable. Your rear suspension takes power from the engine and converts it to the wheels, and your leaf spring secures your rear axle. Keep in mind that different driving conditions will impact your suspension in different ways. Highway driving shouldn’t strain your suspension so much, but bumpy roads can take their toll. If you feel like your car doesn’t drive as smoothly as it should, you might want to talk to your auto mechanic about replacing your old shocks with new ones.

  • Understanding How Your Car Radiator Works

    Your car’s radiator is responsible for preventing your engine from overheating. If you are wondering about how your radiator works, be sure to watch this video. To cool your engine down, your radiator sends coolant fluid through a series of tubes. As the coolant passes through your engine, it will absorb heat from your car’s engine. If your car is overheating, you may be in need of radiator repair in Sacramento.

    To achieve the best results from your radiator repair, be sure to bring your European vehicle to a shop that specializes in German auto repairs . By booking an appointment at a top rated automotive repair facility, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your car is being fixed by a team of qualified technicians.

  • When is the Work Done?

    We get a lot of calls from clients asking if we can “clear codes”, “perform software updates”, “resetting service indicators”, “re-adapt”, or “program components”. They had another shop install parts but they didn’t have the right tools or knowledge to complete the work . So I ask you,“Does it sound like that shop completed the work?“

    That is why it is important to check on who is working on your vehicle, verifying they have the equipment and capabilities to complete the work. Anyone can replace parts but the proper tools and knowledge is needed to complete the work. They may be able to give you a very low quote for replacing parts, but they are only doing half the job. You can go to a restaurant and order a meal but what would you say if they brought you a plate of raw food and told you they didn’t have the tools to cook it? That would be unacceptable. Looking at it that way, do you think it would be acceptable to leave service indicators lit, check engine lights on, or your vehicle not running properly?

    At Frank’s Automotive , when we quote a price, that quote is for installing components and performing the necessary actions to Complete The Job . Also, a very important part of completing the work is standing behind the work we do. That is why we give you a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty. We want you to know that we are here to take care of you.

    So next time you call for a quote ask not only for a price but verify that they can…

    Complete the Work!

  • Signs of a Transmission Problem

    When you drive a luxurious German vehicle, you will feel great knowing that your car’s transmission has been crafted from top quality components. Even the best transmissions, however, will eventually require transmission repair after many miles of driving. When you start to see the signs of transmission problems in your German car, you should be sure to call your transmission shop serving Sacramento. Using the latest transmission service equipment, your technicians can return your transmission to safe driving condition. If you are wondering whether it is time to schedule repairs, here is a look at the top 3 signs that your car has a transmission problem. car - transmission

    Slipping Gears

    A transmission that is experiencing mechanical problems may begin to gradually slip in and out of gear. Typically, a slipping transmission feels as though it is lacking power or struggling to remain in the proper gear. When your car starts to lose its smooth shifting performance and overall transmission power, you will need to schedule immediate transmission repair services.

    Failure to Move Forward

    When your transmission is functioning properly, it will engage as soon as you shift your car from park into drive. If you have started to feel as though your car fails to move forward right away after you move the stick shift, you may be suffering from transmission problems. By adjusting the gear ratio of your transmission, your mechanic will be able to make sure that your car is fully responsive to your shifts.

    Leaking Fluid

    Leaking transmission fluid is a sign of a very severe transmission problem. When your transmission fluid leaks, the gears inside of your car may begin to grind or overheat. In order to identify a transmission fluid leak in your vehicle, you can look for a bright red puddle that forms underneath where your car is parked. You can also check to see if your transmission fluid is low by examining the dipstick in your car’s engine.

  • Reasons to Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection

    Purchasing a used car is a savvy investment for any driver. Before you place a down payment on a used German auto, however, you may want to bring the vehicle to an auto mechanic in Sacramento for a pre-purchase inspection. During the pre-purchase inspection, your car repair professional will carefully evaluate the performance, safety, and efficiency of all of the vehicle’s vital systems. To emphasize the benefits of having your used car inspected before you buy, here is a brief overview of 3 reasons to schedule a pre-purchase inspection. car - inspection

    Identify Potential Problems

    One of the top reasons to schedule a pre-purchase inspection at Frank’s Automotive for your used vehicle is that the inspection process will allow you to identify any potential problems that may be going wrong underneath the hood. Your mechanic will be able to tell you whether the brakes, coolant lines, or other major systems are going to require major repairs at any time in the near future. If the inspection does not reveal major mechanical problems, you can make your purchase with confidence.

    Avoid Buying a Lemon

    After you purchase a used car, you will not want to find out about major mechanical issues that were not revealed to you prior to the sale. With a pre-purchase inspection, you can ensure that you are not buying a car that is destined to break down. A qualified mechanic will be familiar with your make and model of car, so he will be able to warn you of any mechanical problems that are common with that type of vehicle.

    Receive a Better Price

    If the pre-purchase inspection reveals the need for certain mechanical repairs, you may be able to use this information to negotiate a better price for your vehicle. Your mechanic can provide you with an estimate for the cost of repairing the car, and you can relay this information to the seller. Ultimately, your pre-purchase inspection will allow you to get a fair price on a car that is in good mechanical condition.

  • What to Know About Your Car’s Electrical System

    Your car is more than a thousand pounds of metal on wheels; it also involves complex automotive electronics in Sacramento to make itself as safe, effective, and convenient as possible. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the automotive electrical components that are included in your car; this will also help you identify problems early on. Be sure to talk to your alternator repair specialist for tips on solving electrical problems, and take a look ahead for more on what you should know about your car’s electrical system. car - electrician

    Electrical Components

    A vehicle’s electrical system is made up of several components, all of which serve specific purposes and contribute to the overall functioning of your car. In addition to your radio, dashboard camera, and built-in television screens, your automotive electronics consist of systems like the battery, the computer, and the alternator. These components are important when it comes to basic functioning of your car—even getting it started. Your electrical system keeps you and others safe by powering your headlights and your turning signals, while your alternator allows your vehicle to keep moving. Knowing about your automotive electronics and what they do can make you better prepared to notice problems with your electrical system. An important fact about most modern cars, all components from light management to stereo to engine management communicate with each other. With electrical issues, you want to start with the basics.

    Common Problems

    If you get into your car on a hot day and try to roll your windows down to no avail, there might be a problem with your electronic system. Similarly, having trouble starting your car or issues with your seats and automatic locks can point to automotive electrical problems. You might even notice your headlights dimming or shutting off completely, which can compromise your safety on the road. How you handle these issues can impact the working life of your vehicle and your own wellbeing.

    How to Solve Them

    It’s always a good idea to talk to a professional when working on your automotive electrical system. You want to make sure your battery and charging systems are in proper functioning order. So it is important to check all systems when looking for electrical gremlins. You might end up doing more harm than good if you try to deal with the problem on your own, so play it safe and see your specialist for professional help.