Knowing the Signs of Engine Trouble

When you’re sick, you go to the doctor; but what about when your car is sick? You would obviously take it to a mechanic, but the problem is knowing when your car needs to be seen in the first place. The longer engine trouble goes undiagnosed, the worse off your car will be and the more you will probably end up spending in the long run on repairs. To save time and money, and to keep your car in the best shape possible, visit an auto repair shop in Sacramento if you recognize any of these telling signs of engine trouble:

  • Check engine light, oil pressure light, transmission light, and other dashboard warning lights are illuminated
  • You feel a jerking, surging, or stalling sensation while driving
  • Unusual engine noises (popping, grinding, squealing, banging, etc.)
  • Burnt rubber or gasoline smells inside the cabin
  • Blue or white exhaust smoke