Don’t Ignore These Transmission Problems

It’s not a question of if your transmission will go out, but rather when . Although transmissions can last for many years and many thousands of miles, especially when well maintained, no transmission will last forever. The good news is that transmissions rarely fail suddenly without any warning at all. Indeed, transmission failure is usually preceded by some telling signs that indicate the need for transmission repair. And because transmission problems only get worse (and more expensive) over time, visiting a transmission repair shop specializing in German vehicles in Sacramento at the first sign of trouble in your German car can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Visit an auto repair shop if you recognize any of these transmission warning signs.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Transmissions are sealed units, which means they should never leak. If you notice bright red or dark brown leak spots on your driveway or garage floor where you park, lay down a piece of cardboard under the engine to determine if it’s an active transmission leak. If you confirm that your transmission is leaking, visit a transmission repair shop to have the leak repaired so you can add fluid and maintain an appropriate fluid level.

Rough Shifting

Most transmission problems are impossible to ignore, because most of them affect the way a vehicle feels and performs. For example, if you feel your car clunking or grinding when the transmission shifts gears, or if you notice your car has difficulty getting up to speed, visit an auto repair shop and let a transmission mechanic have a look.

Delayed Engagement

Another noticeable symptom of a transmission in need of attention is delayed engagement. For example, there may be a long pause after you shift out of park and into drive. Any noticeable delay before the car actually engages into drive and moves forward should give you concern. Delayed engagement is a common sign that a bigger transmission problem is on the horizon, so don’t wait until things get any worse to visit a transmission repair shop in Sacramento.