Symptoms of an Alternator Problem

If you want your vehicle to last as long as possible, it’s helpful to understand what types of problems you should look out for. When you know what to look for, you can call for alternator repair in Sacramento before the problem gets out of control. You might want to call your automotive electrical specialist about alternator repair if you notice strange noises coming from your car. Other symptoms include electrical issues like dimming lights, and problems when starting your vehicle. Read on for a closer look at some of the symptoms of an alternator problem that you should be aware of as a driver. car - repair

Odd Sounds

A loud, strange, or unexpected sound tends to surprise people, as it typically indicates that something is out of order. Just like you would investigate an unidentified sound in the middle of the night, you should keep an ear out for odd noises coming from your car. In some cases, your car might be making this sound because you have a problem with your alternator. Make sure you don’t waste any time in bringing your car in to your specialist for alternator repair so you can keep your bearings in place and your car functioning properly.

Electrical Issues

Problems with your automotive electronics may suggest that you need alternator repair, and they can show up in a few different ways. A failing alternator might leave you with dim or flickering headlights, as the alternator is responsible for providing power. An analogy: A vehicle with a charging system problem is like a child’s toy with weak or dying batteries– it may function but it will start to act weirdly. Lights, Radio, Climate Control & even Engine functions can be compromised. You should also pay attention to your power locks and windows, radio, and other automotive electronics in your car. Your battery could even drain due to a malfunctioning alternator, so seek help as soon as you can.

Trouble Starting the Car

When you get into your car and realize that you had left the interior light on all night, you might not be surprised when your car fails to start. If your car is routinely difficult to start, however, you might be having a real problem with your automotive electronics. Even if your battery is working, a failing alternator might not be able to get the power to your engine. However, a lot of times people confuse the vehicles ability to turn on lights in-dash as the battery being okay. The battery maybe strong enough to turn on lights but too weak to crank vehicle over. There is a difference between “Not Starting” & “Not Cranking Over”. If a vehicle cranks over and does not start, there could be another issue rather than the battery or starter. If your key turns over but engine does not crank over, that could be a charging system or starter issue. This is why we recommend a Car Diagnostic to be able to determine where the issues lies.