I have been coming here for years

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I have been coming here for years. I love the shop and everyone in it. A great family and a great team.

I bring my 2007 S550 to Sacramento from Reno to get it serviced by Frank’s Automotive. They do better work than the dealer at a fraction of the cost.

The same goes for my 1988 560SL which they have been servicing for nearly 15 years. It has a quarter-million miles on it and it still runs great.

My experience with the Mercedes dealer service has been horrible. I don’t trust them at all. I completely trust everyone at Frank’s.

I cannot begin to tell you how much money I’ve saved by coming here over the years. I’ve gotten dealer estimates for many jobs and Frank’s has done the same exact work — by the book, for thousands less.

This is a great place for car enthusiasts who really know how they want their car set up. It is an even better place for ladies who aren’t into cars but want to be told the truth about the work required on their vehicle and who want a honest deal on the price.

You can’t find a better place in the Northern California region to get your car repaired.

Grant David Gillham Sacramento , CA December 1, 2015