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Blog Posts in July, 2017

Harmonic Balancer Separation 101

The harmonic balancer is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle’s crankshaft. As your engine turns, the harmonic balancer absorbs its vibrations and provides you with a smoother and more ...
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Common Causes of Battery Drain

Without a working battery, your car will refuse to start. Along with causing starting issues, low battery power can lead to troubles in the many electrical systems of your vehicle. An auto shop that ...
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How Your Mercedes-Benz Mechanic Will Change Your Headlight Bulb

Your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with sophisticated components that should always be replaced by a car repair professional. This video from Car and Driver Magazine will show you how your Mercedes ...
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Why is it Important to Keep Up with Tire Maintenance?

Tires are the only contact point we have with the road, as they are the key to propelling and stopping your car. We rely on that small patch of rubber that is at each of the four corners of the car, ...
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What You Should Do After an Accident

While an automotive collision may cause visible damage to your car body, it can also cause problems under the hood. After you experience an accident while driving your car, do not hesitate to visit ...
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